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Created in 2014 SoundSkins was formed out of desperation for a product that met all the high end qualities of a great sound deadener but without all the imperfections and hard to use design properties of current big name brands which haven't changed in years.

The modern design meant we could not only make SoundSkins look awesome but also perform BETTER then any other sound deadener on the market using latest technology and testing. SoundSkins are exclusive to your local independent automotive specialist all around Australia. Designed by some of the best installation technicians in the game we felt it fitting to have only experts show you how it works.
SoundSkins come with a 100% Quality Guarantee or we will replace it FREE. Thats how confident we are in the quality of our product. Quality is important to us, that is why we are the first in the industry to offer a guarantee.

At SoundSkins we guarantee that our foam will never hold or absorb water, will never delaminate and once set the skins themselves will never peel off for the life of the vehicle. Skins have never been so Sound. Not convinced? Let us send you a sample to try it for yourself, we are sure you will love it as much as we do.