SPL-LAB – manufacturer of measuring equipment

Spl-Lab is a company operating in the measurement equipment and software market.

We have proven ourselves from the best side both in the field of car audio, among audiophiles and sound producers, and among fans of car racing and drag racing

Our company is engaged in the sale, production and development of measuring equipment for different directions. We have a large dealer network in Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and America.

In 2007, a young company SPL-LAB was created from the group of engineers, after six months of development, the first sound pressure meter in Russia was presented with a dynamic range up to 180 dB – USB Bass Meter. In parallel with the development of the instrument, the first version of the Measuring Center software for Windows was created. Many car audio competition formats have chosen USB Bass Meter and other Bass Meter devices as official gauges.

2009 was the year of the first measurement USB microphone for measuring the frequency response – USB RTA Meter. Since then, Spl-Lab has entered the market of professional audio systems for high-quality sound.

In the following years, Spl-Lab was actively developing new sound pressure meters and microphones for measuring the frequency response, improving and expanding the functionality. The versions of the Measuring Center software for Android and iOS platforms were released.

In 2013, we added the Smart Voltmeter automotive voltmeter and the Smart Monitor volt-ampere voltage meter to the product range. Thus began to produce electrical measuring instruments.

A series of professional equipment NEXT-LAB appeared in 2015, gathering all the years of experience of the company. Multipurpose devices of this series remain flagship to this day.

In 2018, after a long and complicated development, the first car acceleration meter was released – the Race Meter, which has already managed to establish itself with the best side among race drivers and tuning fans.

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