Synergy Audio produces world class amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers that feature high end design, engineering and manufacturing. Synergy Audio utilizes the best quality components to insure the best possible performance.

Synergy strives to bring quality, performance and value to the end consumer. Along with that, we strive to provide the best customer service we possibly can.

Customer service is our #1 priority when you purchase Synergy products. We want complete customer satisfaction and confidence in your purchase. Knowing that Synergy Audio will be there to assist before, during and after the sale with any questions, comments or concerns.

The WFO series of monoblock amplifiers are at home in a daily driven vehicle, all out daily ground pounding demo driver or in the SPL competition lanes.

Our Class AB multi-channel amplifiers feature high end Japanese Sanken output devices to insure audiophile sound quality with the versatility of 2 way active crossover controls.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional products and service in the very near future!

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Synergy Audio WFO 2.1D – 2250w Monoblock Amplifier


Synergy Audio WFO 2k 12″ – 2500w Subwoofer


Synergy Audio WFO 2k 15″ – 2500w Subwoofer


Synergy Audio WFO 3.1D – 3500w Monoblock Amplifier


Synergy Audio WFO 5.1D – 5000w Monoblock Amplifier


Synergy Audio WFO 8.4D – 200w 4-Channel Amplifier


Synergy Audio WFO FCS 6.5″ – 60w RMS Components


Synergy Audio WFO HDT-25″ – 50w RMS Tweeter


Synergy Audio WTF 7.1D – 7500w Monoblock Amplifier

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