Taramps amplifiers, or power modules, are carefully developed with state-of-the-art technology and high performance for automotive audio systems. With such dynamism, Taramps up-to-dateness singles out the diversity of the lines we had introduced in the past, such as Stronger, Golden, Platinium Series, TA, HD, TS, DSP, TL, etc. Now, providing even more efficiency, performance, and effectiveness on both mono and stereo amplifiers, we have lines such as BASS, MD, DS, and HV. Besides that, our product design, strength, and safety are also priority considered aspects, highlighting BASS, MID and TREBLE frequency ranges. Welcome to our sound world.

Taramps has come up modestly in the manufacturing of automotive sound power amplifiers. In 1999, the work was done at home and the owner of Taramps made the installations and assemblies of speakers in a garage.

However, it was the work of changing power amplifiers from the current market at that time, that began to draw attention. The idea was to design and develop really stronger amplifiers that were beyond the powers available in the market at the time.

After that, Taramps started manufacturing custom amplifiers and, from there, the company’s first product, the T-1300 AB class, it came with two 650W RMS channels and in Bridge 1300W RMS. Then, along with the need to hire new employees, the following models were launched, T-500 AB, T-600 AB, T-800 AB, and so on. In 2003, Taramps had introduced itself into the digital era by the development of class D (Digital) products. The evolution kept happening, the company was recognized a reference in the national market, with progress by hiring more and more employees, and in its line of products and accessories, being the first who launched models that was over the barriers of the powers which were commercialized at that time.