US Alternators

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US Alternators

Started in 2012, US Alternators has partnered with companies that have engineering roots that date back to the early 1920s. We strive to provide top notch customer support while providing a reliable alternator solution that performs day in and day out.

The Heart of Your Electrical System

Car audio and electronic enthusiasts often fill their vehicles with TV screens, lights, audio equipment and other aftermarket accessories causing their vehicles to create huge draws of power. Owners often upgrade their hood battery or add additional batteries in the trunk of the vehicle in hopes of satisfying the demand, but don’t understand that the alternator is the heart and power plant of their electrical system.

Don't Skimp on What's Important

There are various options currently on the market to replace and fix stock alternators. Many of them are using used and remanufactured parts in an attempt to make a quick buck. The result is a sub-par product that doesn’t retain OEM functionality or reliability. US Alternators is one of the few companies on the market to use new OEM parts you can depend on.