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XS Power
XS Power was established in 2005. From the beginning we have had a technological edge over our competitors because of our strong commitment to product testing. As has been said in NASCAR, “all the BS stops at the dyno.” The same is true for high performance batteries. We have an in-house testing lab, we employ the services of outside accredited labs, as well as outside experts to insure we bring you the best. When we put a label on a product you can count on it. Using the highest energy density chemistry known in AGM batteries, XS Power is now the battery of choice for competition car audio. With large 12V batteries as well as the 16V models, more and more records are being smashed every day with XS Power batteries on board.

  • XS Power D3400

    5.00 out of 5
  • XS Power D680

    5.00 out of 5
  • XS Power D3100

  • XS Power XP3000

  • XS Power D3400R

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  • XS Power XP950

  • XS Power D5100

  • XS Power D5100R

  • XS Power D545