NVX VCW12 12" - 1000w RMS Subwoofer
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NVX VCW12 12″ – 1000w RMS Subwoofer


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NVX VCW12 Subwoofer Specifications: 12″ Dual 2/4-ohm VC-Series Car Subwoofer Power Handling: RMS Power…

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NVX VCW12 Subwoofer Specifications:

  • 12″ Dual 2/4-ohm VC-Series Car Subwoofer
  • Power Handling:
    • RMS Power Range: 850-1000 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 2/4 ohms
  • Pressed paper cone with woven fiber top
  • High excursion foam surround
  • Cast aluminum basket for maximum rigidity
  • Dual Poly-Cotton Spiders
  • 3″ Aluminum Voice coil
  • 195oz. Triple stacked Ferite magnet motor structure with protective rubber boot
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB
  • Frequency response: 20-200 Hz
  • Resonance Frequency (Fs): 24 Hz
  • Total Speaker Q Value (Qts): 0.454
  • Electrical Q Value (Qes): 0.486
  • Optimal sealed box volume: 0.85 cubic feet tuned at 37 Hz
  • Optimal ported box volume: 1.85 cubic feet tuned at 30 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 7″
  • 1-year Warranty

nvx vcw

Pressed Paper Cone with Fiber Glass Weave Perhaps the biggest challenge of engineering a high-excursion subwoofer is maintaining a high standard of sound quality and accuracy even at peak volumes. The VC series utilize an extremely rigid and lightweight woven fiber reinforced paper cone – this high-strength, lightweight material gives the motor structure significantly more control over its movement to achieve optimal linearity.

Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum Basket While it’s hardly the most complicated part of a subwoofer, the basket is no less important. The die-cast aluminum basket offers several distinct advantages over the cheaper stamped alternatives. The 3-dimensional cast gives the basket incredible strength, yet is surprisingly light due to the aluminum construction. Since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, the basket will not interfere with the magnetic energy of the voice coil and motor structure. Plus, the cast basket gives the VC subwoofers a sleek look when inverted!

Custom High Roll Foam Surround with Nylon Stitching When we tested the first versions of the VC woofers, we discovered that the materials used in most commercial surrounds just could not handle the excursion of the cone, and would rip and tear at peak playback. So, while our competitors might have just made a less powerful sub, we went back to the lab and developed a custom high-roll foam surround that can keep up. In short, the new surround worked spectacularly, giving our sub impressive linearity and even MORE output than before. We attached the surround with high-strength adhesive and nylon stitching – you might not survive World War 3, but your VC subwoofer sure will!

195 oz. Triple stacked High Energy Magnet Structure You know the old saying – it takes power to make power. To give our subwoofer a beastly amount of output, we designed a high-energy triple stacked ferrite magnet structure. This 195 oz. magnet is powerful enough to drive the motor at competition levels while maintaining strict control.

3.0” High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil Last but most certainly not least, the VC subwoofers utilize large 3” aluminum voice coil. This coil, in conjunction with the triple-stacked magnet, is the secret to the massive power handling capability of these woofers. The coil utilizes high-temperature aluminum for effective heat dissipation, allowing you to play the woofer louder without distortion.

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Subwoofer Impedance

D4, D2

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