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2020 has been a great year with significant increases in traffic, sales and overall income. However because this is only one of many projects I run, I am looking to down size. I am looking to sell Xplicit Audio and the company as a whole. This includes naming rights, logos, website (including order history and customer base), left over inventory and shipping supplies, eBay (only if possible), YouTube, Social media accounts and everything else associated with Xplicit Audio. This includes any business accounts and relationships with companies and the rights to be a dealer. Any associated projects with Xplicit Coding, 12voltmag or any other project would not be apart of this.
Xplicit Audio has been around since July 1st of 2013. Since then it has grown into a small 6 figure a year in sales business. Since it is only one of my projects, I believe it could do significantly better with full time attention. I still love the business and I will continue to run it, but I figured I’d put this out there as I think I’d like to focus more time/effort on other projects.
– Fully functional eCommerce website that I have been tweaking to make better and better over the course of the 6+ years in business
– >20 brands and 500+ products and roughly 800+ variations of products (D2, D4, Wire color, etc) and more to add.
– Tier based pricing for team and dealers.
– Affiliate program with active affiliates earning small percentages of sales
– Integration with eBay to auto list products and their stock qty’s.
– It would take me a long time to list all the features, i’d have to go over it with you.
I feel like there is so much more I could list. So if you’re truly interested, let’s talk.
If it does sell I’d love to continue to support the company and help especially during the transition. If it doesn’t sell, oh well. I’ll continue to run it.
Please if you have questions let me know and I’ll answer within reason.


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