XS Power 80Ah LTO Lithium Bank 12-Pack of YinLong Cells With ILL Customz Buss Bars

XS Power 40Ah LTO Lithium 12-Pack of YinLong Cells With ILL Customz Buss Bars

XS Power 80Ah LTO Lithium Bank 12-Pack of YinLong Cells With ILL Customz Buss Bars


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XS Power 40Ah LTO YinLong lithium cells are the DIY communities favorite option in the lithium battery market today. These 2.3v 40ah lithium titanate cylindrical (LTO) cells can be grouped in a pack of 12 making a 80ah bank utilizing CNC machined aluminum wishbones to work perfectly with any car audio system charging under 16.2v.

XS Power 40Ah Lithium YinLong 2.3v individual Cell Specs:

Weight Lbs. – 2.75lbs each
Length – 10 in
Height – 3 in
Width – 3 in

Charging Voltage – 2.3-2.7V (13.8-16.2V for 6 pack)
Amp Hour – 40Ah
Cell Type – Lithium Titanate Cylindrical (LTO)

34-66160-40 – Lithium Titanate Cylindrical, New, 66160, 40Ah, 2.3V

4 Year Manufacturer Warranty

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Ill Customz LTO YinLong Buss Bars for 12 Cells Includes:

  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Made for Yinlong 35,40, and 45ah cells
  • Includes stainless steel hardware (cell nuts, bolts, balancer bolts)
  • Single bank bussing accepts 4 lugs on each end
  • Double bank bussing accepts 6 lugs on each end

We are proud to be an authorized XS Power Battery Dealer!

Additional information



Buss Bar Bank Size

Double Bank (12 Cells)

YinLong Initial Assembly

Thanks for purchasing your product from XS Power Batteries! I have decided to put together a list of assembly steps once a person receives their cells. This should help with repetitive questions and mistakes caused by improper initial setup (therefore saving you money).

  1. Remove all cells from boxes. If cells appear damaged, contact the shipper. We recommend inspecting cells prior to signing for them upon delivery. If they are damaged, do not sign.
  2. Grab a digital multimeter and check the voltage of each cell (+ on one side and – on the other side of the same cell) Write these numbers down. If cells are all within .1, skip step 3/4 and move to step 5.
  3. Place all cells in parallel. So + + + + + + on one side and – – – – –  – on the other. Connect all + on one side together, then separately connect all -‘s together on one side. This allows the cells to passively balance. It is important to ensure a stable connection from cell to cell here, any substantial change in contact can cause an imbalance.
  4. Leave the cells for an hour or 2 like instructed in step 3. Grab you dmm again and check each cell individually. If they are all within .1, go ahead to step 5. If not, continue this process until cells are within .1 tolerance or so. Write down each cell voltage.
  5. Start assembly. Remember, cells go in series now. So + – + – + -. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 5ft lbs of torque is all these cells need. If you are in a bad mood or have had a long day, consider waiting till the following day. A simple bit above hand tight is perfectly fine. Once done, your total voltage (using your dmm) should read the sum of all your numbers wrote down from step 4. If they aren’t, disassemble and check to make sure nothing is switched around. To check total voltage, top of one side and top of the other side of the bank ( the + on one for side top and the – on the other top end). This step is very important. M12x1.75 nuts are the size. NO NYLON NUTS.
  6. Check all connections again, and check to ensure any cell casings are not touching each other (Beneath the covers, the cells are live. If 2 rub through they can short and destroy your bank). If you are using a balancer, assemble it and wire it now. See picture labeled #3.
  7. Almost done! Once you are happy with everything, I recommend a small bit of silicone or similar on the tip of the nuts to ensure they do not back off of each stud. A simple drop will do, no need to mummify it.
  8. Charge the bank up to 14.0 or above. Any lower and the alternator will hate you for a few minutes until the bank reaches its set point.
  9. Build a protective case or secure the battery. Sounds crazy to have to say this, but it’s here so you can guess it’s happened. Every connection on these banks are live, and if brushed against a conductive material can cause damage to the bank (as well as other parts of the stereo and/or the vehicle).
  10. Turn the system loose! Let it play! Give it a good rip for a few minutes and then turn the system off. Check all connections of the assembly. If something feels oddly hot, remove and inspect.
  11.  Share your picture in the XS Power groups!

P.S. I recommend checking all connections each month for safety and reliability. A simple loose bolt can destroy an entire build.

– Written by Shawn Mayo of XS Power

YinLong FAQs

FAQ’s regarding XS Power lithium cells. READ THIS BEFORE BUYING.

  1. What can each bank handle? Each bank is rated for 5,000 watts on music. *All ratings are made with 100a input amperage*
  2. What does each “bank” consist of? 6 cells in series equals 1 bank. Each bank can be charged from 13.8 to 16.1 safely.
  3. What should I charge these to? We suggest you running these lithium cells at 16.2 or less in a 6s pack. Any higher will reduce lifespan.
  4. Do I need a balancer for my bank? I definitely recommend a balancer. However, it is common to see users break apart their banks every 3 months and let them sit in parallel over a day or 2 to balance back out and do not use a balancer.
  5. Can I run these with other batteries? We suggest running XS POWER LTO cells without any agms or lead acid batteries installed in line. Agms or other conventional type batteries tend to pull down the lithium and will reduce its output.
  6. What type of size and wire should I use with a bank of XS POWER LTO cells? We suggest Atleast 1 2/0 OFC ground correctly installed from this bank to a suitable ground location. More than that is always preferred.
  7. How do I charge this bank? The XS PCM line is my personal favorite. XS PSC15 is optimal for small setups.
  8. Can I run a bank of XS POWER LTO cells with other lithium batteries? We do not suggest mixing lithium chemistries.
  9. Do XS Power cells run fine with ultracaps? Yes. XS POWER cells run amazing with ultracaps, we’ve tested it and it’s beautiful. Like. Shake and bake.
  10. When should I balance my XS Power LTO cells? We recommend balancing before assembly. If not using a balancer, break them apart periodically to balance them all in parallel. However, an active balancer is much easier.
  11. How do I connect these cells together to make a bank? 1/4” thick links or thicker are recommended for straps between cells.
  12. What are the specs of these XS POWER LTO cells banks? These are rated for 20,000 to 30,000 rate cycle life. (Longer than you’ll own the car they are going in).
  13. Are these new or used cells? These are new cells.
  14. What type of battery is this? XS Power LTO cells are Lithium Titanite Oxide. They accept charge much faster than other lithiums on the market, and are extremely safe. I could get into scientific details but you’d already have stopped reading this number and went to the next question.
  15. Can I run these under the hood? We do not recommend you run these under the hood, as they do not like heat.
  16. Do these like being cold like my AGMs? No. Lithium actually does not perform as well in the cold. It has to do with the anode and the cathode and how they pass through. They will perform fine in it, just not as strong as they would in 50+ weather.
  17. Can these replace a normal car battery? Yes, these can replace a normal car battery and can start a car no problem. A bank of XS Power LTO cells can supply over 3,000 Cranking Amps. However, these cells cannot be ran under the hood as they are sensitive to extreme heat. If you must have a battery or something under the hood, we recommend installing a superbank or a battery delete under the hood.
  18. What type of wire should I use with them? We recommend 1/0 audio cable minimum. The more the better.
  19. What hardware do I need? You need M12x1.75 nuts. Don’t overtighten them. Seriously. Decently snug. Less than 1ftlb is the recommended torque spec.
  20. How do I order? www.xplicitaudio.com
  21. Do these cells have any warranty? Yes. Cells are guaranteed against DOA and boast a 4 year warranty. We will also help you replace any cells you didn’t take #19 seriously and broke by accident.
  22. How do I figure out how many banks I need? Simple. Take all of your amplifiers max power and divide that by 4,000.


2 Deafbonce AAK 6k’s. 12,000w total. So 3 banks. Always overestimate, as that will put less stress on your cells.

  1. I’m international, can I get cells? Yes, however, you must email Xplicit Audio directly for a shipping quote.
  2. I use a forwarder for out of US shipments, is that a problem? No. We will ship to your forwarder, but the rest will be up to you to arrange.
  3. How much alternator support can each bank take? Each bank of cells can take roughly 200-250a of alternator safely. However, many have been putting as much as 300a of charging support into each bank for years and have experienced zero issues.
  4. Where does XS Power get their cells from? XS Power has a direct manufacturing relationship with XS Power LTO cells.
  5. Are these cells as good as people are saying they are? Absolutely! XS Power has an ironclad reputation on bringing the best products into the battery world, and has sold over 50,000 cells in less than 4 years!
  6. Are these cells good for spl burps? Yes! Several independent testers have pulled more than 10,000w off of 1 6s bank of LTO cells in a burp style environment!

Thanks for reading and choosing XS Power!

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