XS Power PSC30 30a IntelliCharger (12v/14v/16v) – AGM Battery Charger

XS Power PSC30 IntelliCharger

XS Power PSC30 30a IntelliCharger (12v/14v/16v) – AGM Battery Charger


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XS Power PSC30 General Features:

  • Advanced power supply unit and battery charger
  • Designed specifically for high performance lead-acid batteries
  • Utilizes MOSFET rectifier technology with an advanced microprocessor control board
  • Rapidly and safely recharges 12V, 14V and 16V:
  • Multi-Stage Charging
    • Bulk Charging:
      • Regulates the current the voltage is allowed to float
      • Restores 80% of battery capacity
    • Absorption Charging:
      • Voltage is fixed according to the battery type
      • Voltage switches on the front panel and the current is allowed to float
      • Battery is brought to 100% and the cells are equalized
    • Float Charging:
      • Voltage and current are reduced to a level that will maintain the battery indefinitely
  • Power Supply Mode
    • Maintains a constant output voltage and current
    • Perfect for audio display boards and test benches
  • Desulfation Mode extends battery life in older batteries
    • Reconditions a sulfated battery through a complex charging cycle and microprocessor controlled pulsed output
    • Breaks down sulfated crystals which reduce performance
  • Digital display allow for easy use
  • Dimensions: 13.2″W x 5.6″D x 2.85″H

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