Audio Ace is proud to announce our very own line of subwoofers and speakers. Specially designed, engineered, and manufactured by our experts, we call it the Signature Series – because it’s got our trademark quality written all over it.

As experienced car audio specialists, we know speakers and subwoofers: what kind of designs generate the best sound quality, which materials provide the most durable performance, and which high-power features our customers love the most.

Some might say we OVER BUILT our Signature Series subwoofers. Maybe we pushed the limits and went a little extra with our designs, but that’s just because we were obsessed with giving you the best audio experience possible!

Our high-functioning audio equipment gives you bold bass, crazy- impressive sound control, and dynamic performance every time you press play. Audio Aces Signature Series are the subwoofers that you’ve been anticipating.

Xplicit Audio is proud to be an authorized Audio Ace dealer!

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