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Our intention and end results at Sound Solutions Audio Inc AKA SSA, is always to develop an excellent sounding subwoofer, a crisp sounding speaker, and a powerful and efficient amplifier that is a top performer in their respective classes. Through premier engineering and testing, we are very confident in the durability and performance of Sound Solutions Audio products. With extremely low failure rates, mountains of glowingly positive reviews and and ever increasing loyal fan/customer base, it is very hard to consider another option as we have many different models to fill many different needs. We appreciate every customer and competitor, as being a high end, low production level, made to order in the USA brand, each and every one means a great deal to us.

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SSA APM-2 Wireless SPL Meter


SSA Demon 10″ 550W Subwoofer


SSA Demon 12″ 550W Subwoofer


SSA Evil1 1″ Silk Dome Tweeters (Pair)


SSA Evil6.5″ Mid-bass Speaker


SSA F8L 8″ 650w RMS Subwoofer


SSA GCON 10″ 950W Subwoofer


SSA GCON 12″ 950W Subwoofer


SSA GCON 15″ 950W Subwoofer


SSA GCON 18″ 950W Subwoofer


SSA IC150.4 600w 4 Channel Amplifier


SSA IC2200.1 2200w Mono Block Amplifier


SSA ICON 12″ 1250W Subwoofer


SSA ZCON 12″ 2500W Subwoofer


SSA ZCON 15″ 2500W Subwoofer


SSA ZCON 18″ 2500W Subwoofer

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