Wolfram Audio is designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. This ensures only the highest quality product is delivered to our customers. Wolfram Audio amplifiers are an ideal powerhouse for the most serious audiophiles. Pairing the intricate circuit design along with custom tooled aluminum heatsinks allows wolfram amplifiers to run at maximum efficiency and output.

Cu is the chemical symbol for Copper – an inexpensive, yet precious metal. In other words, the Cu series is a fantastic option for daily bangin’ without breaking the bank!

Ag is the chemical symbol for Silver – a precious metal used in a variety of daily application. Whether you’ll be competing, or just want some beats in your daily, the Ag series will be your silver lining.

Au is the chemical symbol for Gold – one of the most rare and valuable metals of the face of the earth. That is exactly why the Au series from Wolfram is the top choice for SPL subwoofers in it’s class. 

Xplicit Audio is proud to be your #1 source for Wolfram Audio!

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